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Our Mission

To enhance and promote the expertise of government meeting professionals.


To improve the quality of, and promote the cost-effectiveness of, government meetings.

We expand our members' expertise by delivering our membership value of education, resources and networking through 21 chapters.


As an integral part of SGMP, the Missouri State Capital Chapter offers unique training and networking opportunities to local members, serving its mission of enhancing the expertise of meeting professionals and improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of government meetings.


National Bylaws


Policies and Procedures


Chapter Business Plan


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Board Members

Code of Ethics

Because we recognize that government planners and the hospitality industry are companion functions within the meeting planning fields, and because sound price cost-effective transactions must be mutually profitable, and because cooperation between government meeting planners and suppliers will reduce the cost of meetings with consequent benefits to the hospitality industry and to the national economy as a whole, we, therefore, subscribe to the following standards of professionalism in the relationship between government meeting planners and suppliers and within the industry as a whole.


  • To avoid misrepresentation in all business dealings, recognizing that permanent business relations on a professional level can be maintained only on a basis of honesty and fairness.

  • To buy and sell on the basis of value, recognizing that value represents that combination of quality of service and price which assures the greatest ultimate economy to the user.

  • To respect obligations incurred and neither express nor imply a performance which you cannot reasonably expect to fulfill.

  • To adjust and settle disputes on the basis of facts and fairness only.

  • To recognize that character is the greatest asset in commerce and to give it consideration in all business transactions for the betterment of the profession.

  • To avoid statements tending in injure or discredit and to divulge no information acquired in confidence with the intent of giving or receiving an unfair advantage in a competitive business transaction.

  • To provide, accept, or demand no gifts or entertainment in the guise of sales expense, where the intent or effect is to unduly influence the recipients in favor of the donor, and to renounce all forms of commercial bribery.

  • To strive constantly for education and growth of knowledge within the profession.

  • To counsel, mentor, and to accept counsel from colleagues whenever the occasion permits, in the advancement of the profession and the Society.

  • To not use the Society or allow the Society to be used for overt commercial or personal purposes.

  • 2017 - 2018 Board Signed Code of Ethics


Membership Benefits

SGMP offers its membership numerous opportunities through:

  • Encouraging and improving communication, understanding, and cooperation between planners and suppliers through regular meeting, discussions and conferences.

  • Expanding the knowledge and abilities of planners and suppliers by conducting formal education programs.

  • Aiding planners in locating and evaluating commercial meeting facilities and support services by operating a communications link.

  • Researching, analyzing, and translating regulatory policies and legislative issues which affect governmental meetings.

  • Promoting an understanding in decision-making areas that directly or indirectly impact the scope of operations of the planner.

  • Maintaining liaison activities with other professional meeting planner and supplier groups.

  • Providing guidance and advice to planners on all phases of planning, executing, and evaluating government meetings.

        SGMP’s national website provides list of additional member benefits


Educational Opportunities

National education conferences and regional education conferences are held annually. SGMP educational programs at both the annual conferences and regular local meetings, instruct on how to produce effective agency meetings that are conducted within budget allocations and per diem allowances. Valuable tools that help sharpen planning skills are shared to that public funds are spent economically and in a manner that produces results.


Membership Directories

Each member of the Society has access to a comprehensive membership directory upon admission to SGMP.


Sponsorship Opportunities

MOCAP will offer newsletter and/or website sponsorship to its members.  

Once notified that the sponsorship has been accepted, payments (made to SGMP MOCAP), will be due within 30 days of acceptance. Invoices and receipts will be provided upon request. The sponsorship logo will not be posted until payment has been received by the Chapter.


Communications & Social Networking

SGMP's magazine, Government Meetings Advantage presents information about government contracting travel regulations and timely articles about the meetings industry.  It is published quarterly.  The Missouri State Capital Chapter publishes a comprehensive chapter newsletter on a quarterly basis.  SGMP MOCAP also offers its members access to a Facebook networking site.


PO BOX 105255
Jefferson City, MO 65110

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