Please note that responsibilities include, but are not limited to what is described here.  Members can sign up for committees by either contacting a Board Liaison or Chairperson for the committee or by completing and submitting the Committee Sign Up Sheet.


Board of Directors

2021- 2022 Board of Directors contact information


Policies & Procedures

Entire Board will serve on this committee.


Records Retention

Entire Board will serve on this committee.



Board Liaison           Jen Jorgensen

Chairperson             Ramona Huckstep 

Responsibilities       Recruitment of new members, distributes new member packets, assists hospitality committee with assignment of mentors to                                         new members, contacts members to encourage membership renewal and provides articles for chapter newsletter.


Board Liaison           Tina Dillon


Responsibilities       Obtains presenters for monthly training meetings, creates monthly meeting invitations and forwards to President to                                                       distribute to members, creates and prints copies of meeting agenda and evaluation survey and distributes at each monthly                                             meeting, and provides articles for chapter newsletter.


Board Liaison          Lance Utley


Responsibilities       Tracks monthly meeting RSVP’s, creates and prints monthly meeting registration sign-in sheets, sits and assists at monthly                                             registration desk, collects registration fees and reconciled monies received at each meeting, greet members, updates, prints,                                             distributes and collects nametags, sells raffle tickets, assist Membership Committee in mentoring new members and creates                                           chapter newsletter articles.


Board Liaison           Lorie Jaegers

Chairperson              Facebook and photographer Maurine Hill

Chairperson              Website Jim Jirik

Responsibilities        Collects information, committee reports, and articles, and creates the chapter newsletter, provides newsworthy information                                          to national and local media, and maintains chapter website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube and                                                            Facebook page.

Holiday Extravaganza & Silent Auction

Holiday Extravaganza Board Liaison                Terra Crane

HE Chairperson                                                     Lagina Firtzpatrick

 SA Chairperson                                                     Brenda Buschjost

HE Responsibilities                                               Sends RFP for event location, reviews bids, and selects event site. Notifies site of selection, sends                                                                                             thank you letters to all bidders, conducts site visits, coordinates with location staff, determine                                                                                                 registration fee, creates invitations and forwards to President for distribution, provides on-site                                                                                               registration and manpower for event, sends thank you letters to all event donors with the                                                                                                        sponsorship/donation letter included, and provides articles for chapter newsletter.

SA Responsibilities                                               Solicits donations for auction, creates bid sheets, identifies and tags donations, provides manpower                                                                                      at the event, sends thank you letters to all auction donors with the sponsorship/donation letter                                                                                              included, and provides article for chapter newsletter.


Board Liaison                                   Jim Jirik

Chairperson                                     Martha Morgner

Charity Responsibilities                 Obtain and distribute information concerning nature of charity in January, April, August and                                                                                                  October; solicit donations, creates, distributes and counts raffle tickets; and provides articles for                                                                                              chapter newsletter.

Fundraising Responsibilities         Determine events, gather information and present to board for approval, solicit sponsorship and/or donations,                                                                  sends thank you letters to all sponsors/donors with the sponsorship/donation letter included, and provides                                                                          articles for chapter newsletter.


Awards & Honors

Board Liaison           Terra Crane

Chairperson              Donetta Iven

Responsibilities        Tracks monthly attendance at chapter meetings, solicits sponsorship/donation information from members, solicits                                                          nominations for Planner and Supplier of the Year awards, orders certificates and awards and provides articles for newsletter                                          and website.

MO Event Summit

Co-board Liaison     Tina Dillon

Co-board Liason       Melissa Adams

Co-board Liaison      Lorie Jaegers

Responsibilities         Coordinates with Missouri Society of Association Executives (MSAE) and Missouri Travel Council on division of                                                                 responsibilities for this event. Assistance may include soliciting presenters and/or education topics, invitation and                                                             registration functions, assist with set up arrangements, select menus, address manpower needs, sends thank you letters and                                           provides articles for chapter newsletter.

Nominations & Elections

Board Liaison            Maurine Hill

Responsibilities         Solicitations of nominations, works with national office on ballot nominations, notifies chapter board of election results                                                 and provides articles for chapter newsletter.


Entire Board will serve on this committee - Tina Dillon

Responsibilities                                                  Receives application from national office and distributes to membership, estimated travel expenses,                                                                                      receives and reviews applications and make recommendations to the Board. Upon Board approval,                                                                                        makes hotel, conference, and airline (if applicable) reservations for chapter scholarship recipient                                                                                            and provides articles for chapter newsletter.